The MisB Kit is the result of a multidisciplinary work undertaken by a team of the Reflective Interaction Research Group of EnsadLab, composed of artists, designers, and engineers, in the framework of the “Behavioral Objects” research project initiated by Samuel Bianchini and Emanuele Quinz.

Samuel Bianchini (Artist and Researcher), Filipe Pais (Art and Design Researcher), Didier Bouchon (Engineer and Artist), Rapahelle Kerbrat (Artist and PhD student), Olivain Porry (Artist and PhD student), Florent Levillain (Researcher) compose the current developing team with the collaboration of Roch Delannay (internship) and Corentin Loubet (internship).

Alexandre Saunier, Cécile Bucher, Martin Gautron, Benoît Verjat are amongst some of the most fundamental collaborators that have previously worked in this project.

This toolkit was initiated by the Reflective Interaction Group with the collaboration of The Sociable Media team (led by Rémy Bourganel) with Émeline Brulé and Max Mollon in particular, for the workshop “The Misbehavior of Animated Objects”, TEI 2014, with support from Labex Arts-H2H and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and its Chair for Innovation & Expertise, and with the participation of Jean-Baptiste Labrune and Nicolas Nova.

We are grateful to Génération Robots for their sensible advice, as well as to Marie Descourtieux, Hiroshi Ishii, Emmanuel Mahé, Emanuele Quinz and Élodie Tincq.




Benoît Verjat (Designer/Artist)
Selma Lepart (Artist)
Julie Brugier (Designer)
Alexandre Saunier (Artist)
Cécile Bucher (Developer)
Martin Gautron (Maker/Artist)