The Misb kit team at work, Ensadlab/Ensad, Paris, 2014

The MisB Kit is an open-source project therefore, you are welcome to replicate and create your own kit by following the instructions provided on this page.

There are essentially three types of elements that you will need to build or equip:

— Structural elements

These contain all the pieces made out of velcro and PVC, the printed connectors, and carbon sticks. More information will be provided soon.

— Actuators and Sensors

These contain servomotors that you will need to equip with velcro tape and other connectors. But also different sensors that you need to equip and prepare so they can be ready to use on your kit. More information will be provided soon.

— Control / “The Brain”

When building robotic objects or behavioral objects, the brain allows us to control and animate the servomotors and manage information arriving from different kinds of sensors. The brain communicates with your computer through a CM9 microcontroller and can be easily piloted by using the MiSB Kit software.

This is the most complex element of the kit and you can find detailed information on how to build it and use it here.