The Misb kit team at work, Ensadlab/Ensad, Paris, 2014


The MisB kit is developed by the Reflective Interaction team from Ensadlab, under the direction of Samuel Bianchini, by Didier Bouchon, Filipe Pais, and Alexandre Saunier in the context of the project The Behavior of Things. Cécile Bucher, Martin Gautron, Benoît Verjat were also part of the former team and the internships Olivain Porry and Raphaëlle Kerbrat contributed to the development of the second version of the kit.

This toolkit was initiated with the Sociable Media team (led by Rémy Bourganel) with Émeline Brulé and Max Mollon in particular, for the workshop “The Misbehavior of Animated Objects”, TEI 2014, with support from Labex Arts-H2H and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and its Chair for Innovation & Expertise, and with the participation of Jean-Baptiste Labrune and Nicolas Nova. 
We are grateful to Génération Robots for their sensible advice, as well as to Marie Descourtieux, Hiroshi Ishii, Emmanuel Mahé, and Élodie Tincq.


Benoît Verjat (Designer/Artist)
Cécile Bucher (Developer)
Martin Gautron (Maker/Artist)