‘Voir Des Choses Bouger’, Danse Élargie Contest, Théâtre de la ville de Paris, June 2014


The research workshops using the MisB Kit have originated different artworks and design objects which we’ve named behavioral objects and that have been exhibited in different venues. We define behavioral objects as any artifact that can demonstrate spontaneous actions or reactions that are not systematically predictable during the interaction and that are not directly inferable from their physical shape. The behavior defines the actions and reactions of the object in its environment and, in return, the reactions and actions it provokes from the individuals with whom it interacts; or, in other words, the behavior it seems to show to the other (non-human and/or human) agents, and in return the behavioral reactions it provokes from its audience. Here bellow are some of the latest behavioral objects produced by the MisB Kit team.




by Samuel Bianchini and Didier Bouchon, 2015
Developed and prototyped in the context of the research project “Behavioral Objects”
by the Reflective Interaction team at EnsadLab
with the support of the Labex Arts-H2H
and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and its Chair for Innovation & Expertise

Hardware realization: Adrien Bonnerot and Ely Bessis
Software realization: Didier Bouchon




Out of Frame (Hors Cadre), Samuel Bianchini and Didier Bouchon, 2015
Ars Electronica, Campus Exhibition, Kunstuniversität Linz, September 2015


A frame is hung on a wall. It is empty and sober: no content, no background, without moulding or any other ornament. But from time to time, it moves subtly, twists on itself. Occasionally, its movements are more abrupt, even violent, as if it was undergoing motor discharges, involuntary, such as those at work in hysterics. The frame is like a body, revealing impulses that can’t be controled, contained or framed.
Yet, these are expressed through the frame’s own movements rather than by any kind of representation it could contain.


Photo and video credits: Filipe Pais, Samuel Bianchini



by Benoît Verjat in collaboration with Nicolas Couturier & Julien Gargot, 2014
With the participation of Didier Bouchon, Sophie Fougeray, Mario Simon, Giuseppe Chico, Éric Yvelin, Angeline Ostinelli, Bachir Soussi-Chiadmi, Caroline Martins and Cyril Makhoul.

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2014-06-15 13-21-38-DSC03932


When staring at Voir des Choses Bouger you might see worms but also articulated sausages or automated jewellery. The starting point is much less figurative. We set a context and then we trigger the experience.
We observe the behaviour of this barely articulated things. It’s an experience out of the laboratory, moved into a stage and open to interpretation. Objects are able to move due to their hermaphrodite surface. They own an interaction faculty which reacts to their contexte, the stage and the public. The animated objects are then in constant improvisation and interaction with the situation. The basic behaviour is then stupid. It doesn’t mean nothing by itself. It is ontologically neural. Only the activation, the performance in a certain time and environment will spark its poetry.


Voir Des Choses Bouger, Danse Élargie, Théâtre de la ville de Paris, June 2014




2014-06-13 00-26-22-DSC03874

2014-05-26 11-18-56-balle-cuivre


MÈTRE MÉTROLOGUE (autonomous subjective instrument)

by Benoit Verjat


Project developed within the framework of The Behavior of Things project, supported by Labex Arts H2H.


A large carpenter’s rule moves along, folding and unfolding like an animal lost in the space where it has been released, looking for what it must measure. Its motorised articulations are also sensors sensitive to the resistance of the contours of the space. When this resistance is too strong, the movement stops and gives way to another type of articulation. The object’s behaviour is the result of a combination of its morphology and the sensitivity of its articulations.



NE1A5614 2

Mètre Métrologue wandering around in Linz, September 2015